Fumes section system

This 2-operators ready-to-use solder fumes extraction system top is fitted with metal plate and 3-stage filters. This fume extraction system comes with powerful and maintenance-free brushless turbine. It is designed for continuous and reliable working on production line. Couple of 100’s (in repeat orders) working reliably all over India for the last many years.

  • Hassle-free easy-to-start operation with all inclusive supplied kit
  • Easy-to-manoeuver positioning of Fumes Extraction Arms
  • Reliable & virtually maintenance-free Brushless DC Turbine
  • Has low noise (< 60 dBA) in operation continuous running
  • Filters design removes hazardous gaseous/adhesive substances from fumes.
  • Low running cost as normally low cost Pre-Filter mainly need replacement periodically as and when there is choking of fumes extraction.
  • Readily availability of all spare parts from stock