Air Pollution Control System

The zeolite rotor is to condense high-volume and low-concentration exhaust gas to high-concentration and small-volume exhaust gas, thereby reducing the equipment investment and operating cost, and improving the efficient treatment of voc exhaust gas. When dealing with the combustion and recovery of high-volume, low-concentration exhaust gas, if there is no zeolite rotor and the combustion is performed directly, the exhaust gas treatment equipment will not only be bulky, but also the operating costs will be huge.
        The zeolite rotor adsorption and concentration device adopts three continuous procedures of adsorption-desorption-concentration incineration, which is mainly used for the treatment of vocs; it is especially suitable for high air volume and low concentration occasions. The adsorption device is made of ceramic fiber as a base material, and is made into a honeycomb-shaped large disc wheel system. The surface of the wheel is coated with a hydrophobic zeolite powder as an adsorbent. The zeolite rotor adsorption and concentration device is mainly composed of exhaust gas pre-treatment system, molecular sieve rotor concentration adsorption system, desorption system, cooling and drying system, and automatic control system. After the runner, there is usually a post-treatment system. our  process is zeolite rotor + RCO, zeolite rotor + RTO.